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Our vision

WorkBuddy has laid the foundation with the development of the first version of the app. Our mission in the next step is to make the initial interaction between companies and applicants even more playful and visual. Beyond text and numbers, there is a space that thrives on emotions, visualization, and impressive experiences—the Metaverse. Welcome to the evolution, welcome to WorkBuddy 2.0.


Foundation and launch

  • Launched in september 2023, WorkBuddy revolutionizes recruitment with anonymous communication, enabling genuine exchanges between job seekers and employees.
  • Onboarding success: Over 20 companies have already joined, utilizing features like direct department exchanges and unique anonymous interactions for clear, insightful hiring.

Enhancements and expansion

  • User-driven improvements: Introducing user-generated scoring and information control, we’re enhancing the authenticity and management of shared data.
  • Advanced capabilities: Strengthening our platform with refined user and company features, including safety enhancements, targeted search functionalities, and more.

Gamification and AI integration

Gamified job search: Transforming the recruitment experience with visual and interactive elements, including a 2-D visual thesaurus and voice-activated onboarding powered by AI.

Entering the 3D metaverse

  • Immersive experiences: Transition into a 3D Metaverse where users explore job opportunities and company cultures through 3D avatars and real-time interactions.
  • Visual and interactive engagement: Enhanced features for a more dynamic representation of jobs and companies, including a detailed job and company map in a virtual world.














Partner & Referenzen

"In my opinion, WorkBuddy is the perfect addition for any company. It is simple, intuitive and quick to use, without any major technical effort. At the same time, it covers an important area in recruiting, the possibility of providing transparent and individual insights into the company."
Alexander G.
Head of Acquistion
"As a young and innovative company, we are always on the lookout for employees who share our vision. For me, WorkBuddy is the tool that can be a game changer in the future in a labor market that cannot meet the demand for skilled workers."
Manuel Köbler
I am the Managing Director at Polygran, so I am also responsible for the team and building the team. We use WorkBuddy because it simply gives us the opportunity to appear more genuine and authentic in front of new applicants.
Wilhelm Lehbert
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